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Redline Speed Worx, L. We at Redline Speed Worx believe that to be the best you must have an active role in the communities in which we serve. With this philosophy in mind, owners and employees can be found supporting the Bavarian Breeds at local tracks and events all over the East Coast. When customers look for repairs or upgrades to their European automobiles, they get nothing but the best service, premiere products, and the highest-quality results.

redline performance motors

We provide a variety of services such as European car repair, performance upgrades, diagnostics, ECU engine control unit tuning, engine rebuild and machining, and fabrication. Can not be combined with any other offer, can not be applied to any previous invoice. Must present offer in advance. Redeem This offer. I was pleasantly surprise how professional and knowledgeable this guys are.

Ryan, Mike and John they are going above and beyond to keep the costumer satisfied. The price for the excellent work they provide are half of the Porsche Service.

Im already planning to go back to do more work on my car. Blown away by how The team over at Redline make customer service Their personal responsibility. My Porsche presented a uniquely challenging problem to diagnose - John and team spent days and hours searching for every possible cause. The service manager; personally test driving my car on a daily basis to diagnose the fault.

Cant be happier about the service!

Engine Builder Magazine's Engine of the Week – 454 cid Twin-Turbo LS Engine

RSW Motorsport has a wonderful staff, ownership and state of the art facility. They are customer service oriented. Communication and delivery of service from that communication with them allowed me to relax in my time of despair. If you come in with a frown they'll turn it upside down into a smile. I would and have actually recommended people to get their vehicles serviced by RSW Motorsport. View all reviews. Make an appointment. Diagnostic Service. Suspension Repair.

Redline Performance Engines

Transmission Repair. Oil Change Services. Brake System Repair. View All Services. Schedule an Appointment Let us know how we can help you. Request an online appointment using the form below. Submitting requestDiscuss maintenance, engines, pumps and related topics. Having a problem with your boat this is a good place to ask. Ok so I have a 85 ford redline. Question Will the exhaust manifolds fit on a ? What is involved in changing over from the to a ? Would it be better to rebuild the for more power or switch to the ?

Thanks Brett. If HP is the ultimate goal, then the is they way to go laws of cubic inch I might add one more question. What would I do? I'd stick with the Windsor for your boat. Though the is one of the toughest V8s gassers ever built, it is also very heavy, hence the reason why its tough as it is.

Its better suited for the big boats with aor doing what Spencer King does and racing the rivers at mph I swapped to a about a year ago and I love it. I had white water marine do it and swapped the pump from a berkely to a three stage at the same time.

I looked at building the over the big block as weight was a concern but I couldnt pass up the deal I got on the and had a buyer for the small block so it worked out great for all involved.

What size boat is it going in? That would be something to look at. I'm sure others will pipe in but that's my take on it. I am happy with the swap and would not go back!

Now if I could just afford some aluminum heads to match the intake. Oh and actually I don't burn that much more fuel than I did with the other set up.Advanced Search Search Tips. Actual item may vary. A reputation for performance, durability and adaptability has made the Ecotec the "small-block" of four-cylinder engines.

It's a great engine for many applications and Turn Key Powertrain offers a production-trim Ecotec 2. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. This product hasn't received any reviews yet.

Be the first to review this product! Click the button below to add the Ecotec 2. Sitemap Site Designed by Kory Enger. Please wait Search Advanced Search Search Tips.

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Home Ecotec Ecotec 2. Ecotec 2. See 2 more pictures. Turn Key Powertrain. Buy in bulk and save. Specs Liters:. Product Description Production-style compact powerhouse!

redline performance motors

Off Road Package Includes Off road packages are designed for rear engine transaxle equipped vehicles. Find Similar Products by Category Ecotec. Enter your name: optional. Add To Cart. Choose Options.

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LS 5. Ecotec Off Road Header Kit. Add to Wish List Click the button below to add the Ecotec 2.Top of the line snowmobile products and trailer accessories!

Our improved fuel controllers for your sled are now available! We offer the latest and greatest in turbo kit packages for your snowmobile! Check out our multimedia pages to view our latest photos and videos. Our products are one-of-a-kind custom performance parts, engineered and manufactured to the highest levels of quality. Check out our photo gallery and our video gallery for product information and demos, and general awesomeness!

Get a hold of us if you've got questions, comments, or wish to purchase any of the products that we offer. Coming in fall is a completely new product line of fuel controllers! The HO series injector controls the stock injectors and adds to auxiliary injectors into the fuel system. It is designed for our high output kits and has total control of the stock fuel system. It is designed for our low boost kits.

The NA series is to tune any non boosted sled. For more information click here. We are pleased to partner up with renowned mountain rider: Rene St. He is 49 years old but when you watch him ride you would swear he is 20! This top backcountry freerider pushes sleds to the limit all winter long. He is always willing to help out anyone on the mountain and can throw around any sled with minimal ease and effort!

He will be testing and helping us develop our line of products and turbo kits. At Redline Engine Performance we are genuinely excited with the products we build and sell, and the performance enhancements we are able to generate for your snowmobile.

We know that the things we offer usually contribute to people's enjoyment on the hills, and hence the adventures that they have while scoping the slopes. We're not always there, though, but we want to hear from you. Become a part of our community -- contact Redline with your story.

Call us: Contact Form. Toggle navigation. Performance Products Our products are one-of-a-kind custom performance parts, engineered and manufactured to the highest levels of quality.

redline performance motors

Redline Products. View Media Gallery. Contact Redline Performance Get a hold of us if you've got questions, comments, or wish to purchase any of the products that we offer.

Contact Information. Products We Offer. Snowmobile Events and People. Not Just Sleds We're not about only sleds -- we're about performance.

Sharks on Mountains Our new custom designed shark tether for sleds. Redline Performance. Send Us Your Message. Website by Neo Vida Media Inc.We fit the criteria set forth by the state to remaining working. Any questions, please call As we wait in line at tech, I would like to thank a couple of sponsors.

Dave Stevenson for being the best oil guy around working for CenPeCo. And Jones Racing Products for providing the best front end engine parts around.

Thanks again. We had an awesome time at the open house today. Loved seeing all the customers old and new. Be sure to stop in and see the guys, grab a bite to eat, and see some race cars and muscle cars! Results like we saw this week are the reasons we love what we do week after week.

We all know that the engine is just a part of what it takes for success, but being able to play our part is very rewarding to us. We truly appreciate every customer that allows us to do what we do.

Welcome To Redline Motorsports

Stop by and see the five guys that make this place work. Ask questions, see machining processes, enjoy a burger and hot dog, see and hear an engine on the dyno.

Of the 3 engines we took to Richmond, we have one left. A fresh zz4. Still working on crates for the local racers but we are getting some of the other jobs done too. All updated with short oil pans, new style rods. Another new ACT ready to go to Richmond. REDLINE is happy to be making the trip to the historic race track in Virginia next week to suppprt our more than 20 customers that are making the trip south.Our kits are designed to be a stock sled with more power.

Our goal was to make a kit with seamless fuel injection and better than stock response and we have delivered! We deliver a system that you do not need to tune. We are the manufacturer of all the electronics as well, so we have extensive knowledge of the fundamentals. Pull the cord and go riding -- that is our focus.

We warranty most parts including the electronics from manufacturers defect. Another industry first! Our guarantee: we will ensure your kit works!

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If we need to, we will drive to the mountains and work with you to do special tunes or fix a problem! Our kits are designed to be a stock UTV with more power. Another fantastic kit for an awesome Arctic Cat sled. Boost your power and response with this kit. Instant response and crisp clean throttle response. Perfect kit for tree banging, boon-docking and trail riding. Still powerful enough to pull chutes! Call us: Contact Form.

Toggle navigation. Stainless steel exhaust components. Self-contained, metered, vented oil lubrication system. Precision formed silicon tubes. Redline Engine Performance custom clutch kits.

All other required hardware.

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Why buy our kit? Contact Us For Additional Information. Stainless steel muffler. Self-contained oil lubrication system. Precision engineered and crafted large volume air box.

CNC'd collars and fittings. Gauge kit: Innovate MTX wideband 7 - Custom formed 2. Temperature compensation. Mail fuel on the fly smart adjuster. Turbo smart boost controller. Optional: Stainless steel.

Its all in the name: "High Output". Wicked new kit for a wicked sled. Improve your experience with this awesome upgrade. Main Fuel on the fly Smart Adjuster.

Turbo Smart Boost Controller.These sorts of classes have brought about the concept of the sealed engine package — in the name of budgetary concerns and defusing inevitable arms races of parts and technology, competitors are limited to a powerplant in trim as delivered from the OEM.

The engine in question for this case study is the GM EcoTec, a stout 4-cylinder workhorse that has powered passenger vehicles across GM marques for ages. The idea is that everyone has an equal engine, but it is widely known that some are more equal than others.

Danzio Performance has perfected the techniques to maximize output and stay within the rules. The EcoTec engine has progressed through a few different itterations over the years, varying in displacement and other features.

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The most common aftermarket application of the EcoTec is an open-wheel desert racing class known as Class 10, which similarly equates a to Formula 3 road race car. We came out with this engine inwhich is a direct-injected version of the 2. Optimizing Sealed Engines. Knowing that the nature of a sealed engine class prohibits touching anything in between the valve cover and oil pan, we asked Muzio what can be done in the quest for more power?

We are allowed to change the oil pans, we can put a deeper sump oil pan with baffles. While the stock oil pan may be a limiting factor to change, the intake manifold must remain stock. The builders have stock piles of homologated OEM parts from which they can cherry-pick the very best. The best flowing manifolds, the lightest and closest matched connecting rods, the best injectors and so on. The ability to pseudo blue-print without actually modifying parts is an incredible and legal advantage when it comes to sealed engines.

Bob Butler did the exhaust on this one it's a four-into-one, most of our engines we don't use a tri-Y.

redline performance motors

A tri-Y does actually help the torque, but where it helps it — these guys never drive them, explained Muzio. SuperTrapp systems are still very common in desert racing. Where the rule set opens up is the electronics side of things, the ability to completely scrap the OEM ECU and start from scratch means the builder can re-teach the engine how to behave. We use brand new engines, we order them and hand pick them from GM, we buy them as a longblock and then we put all the parts that we want on there.

Changing fuel and ignition maps, alongside variable-valve-timing VVT means the safe and sedate GM parameters are nowhere in sight.

Kenworth smart wheel conversion

One of the most controversial features builders and racers must decided to retain or discard is limp-mode functions. In the case of this particular engine, the limp-mode system has been disabled because at a previous race the car was disabled by a failed sensor.

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They actually patched it with gas tank repair and all kinds of stuff, filled it up with oil and drove it across the finish line. After the package is built, comes the tuning. Danzio prides themselves on their dyno cell tuning-procedures before an engine makes it into a car and on the chassis dyno. Five to ten horsepower is a lot in a sealed engine, it can give you an advantage over another guy. Muzio made a number of pulls, banging gears through the Fortin sequential six-speed was music to our ears.

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